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1-on-1 Classes Online:

25 minute class = $24 USD

50 minute class = $48 USD

Bundle & Save!

8 -  (25 minute) classes = $180

8 - (50 minute) classes = $ 360


Culture & Conversation

This class focuses on culture, customs, and values in the United States. We will briefly touch on the history of some regions and how the history has formed the current culture.  The USA is a mix of immigrants, food, music, scenery and many other things, which we will discuss in this class. You will also learn common words and phrases unique to the United States. We will listen to conversations of common interactions and discuss the meaning. The focus of this class is on conversation and pronunciation as we explore the USA.

English Level: Conversational



Reading and Writing: Exploring Literature

This class is great if you love reading! I have selected books that are common in America and required to read by students. We will explore these books using close reading, text-based vocabulary practice, reader response writing prompts and comprehension. This is great for the experienced English speaker.

English Level: Conversational, Experienced

Writing Skills

In this class, we explore different types of writing, including Narrative, Opinion, Informative/Explanatory and Argumentative/Persuasive. We go over the 5-step writing process and work through the steps together, which include prewriting (brainstorming), first draft, revising, editing and publishing. 

English Level: Intermediate to Experienced


Music & Lyrics

Do you love music in English? In this class you will bring your favorite music and we will go through the lyrics to discuss the meaning and practice pronunciation. If there’s a song you have been wanting to sing, I can help you to know how to sing the lyrics, using the correct word formation. 

English level: Conversational



Let’s Chat

This is a class only focused on talking. We will talk about a variety of topics, such as your interests and hobbies, food, daily life, common phrases in English and any other questions you may have.

English Level: Intermediate to Experienced



Phonics (Letter Sounds) and Vocabulary

This is for individuals who are new to learning English and want to learn letter sounds and basic vocabulary. We will start with the alphabet sounds and common words. You will be able to read basic words and phrases after these classes. 

English Level: Beginner



Custom Class

Is there something you want to learn about or practice? Ask me about custom classes just for you!

English Level: Any level

Trial Class

A trial class is where you can try a lesson and meet Teacher Julie. A trial class lasts 20 minutes and may only be booked 1x per student.

English Level: Any Level

 Not sure what class to take? 
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