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Terms and Conditions

Classes will occur on Zoom

  • The teacher will send the class link and password before the class time.

  • If you would like the class recorded, you may request this from the teacher. The teacher will then send you the class file.


Class Fees must be paid before the class will be scheduled


The teacher will keep your (or your child’s) personal information and image confidential. The teacher will not share information or images of students without written consent.


If the teacher cannot attend the class or complete the entire class time, the class will be rescheduled.

  • If a class is not able to be rescheduled, the teacher will refund the class fee for that class.


The class time will begin at the designated class time.

  • If the teacher is late, the class time will be adjusted or rescheduled in the future. 


If the student cannot or does not attend the class at the specified and agreed upon time, the class fee will not be refunded.


If the student leaves class early, the class fee be will not be refunded.


If you need to cancel or reschedule a class, please do so 24 hours in advance for a full refund of the class fee. 


If a class is cancelled less than 24 hours before the class start time by you, the money will not be refunded and the class will not be rescheduled


 The teacher will wait in class for the full class time, even if the student is not present at the start time.

  • The student may enter the class at any time during the class time; however, the teacher will not extend the class time past the scheduled end time.


By continuing with payment, you agree to the Terms & Conditions

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