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How parents can assist in class

When I teach young students online, I encourage parents to sit with their child during the class, especially if it's the first class. The parent can be helpful in a variety of ways. If a student is shy or nervous, the parent's presence can help calm the child. In addition, the parent can help keep the child attending to the teacher. Tapping the screen when a child is distracted or having the child sit down in the chair facing the screen are great ways to support the teacher.

Sometimes, a parent wants to tell the student was to say or read. I ask parents to not do this for two reasons. The first reason is it doesn't allow the teacher to get a good understanding of what the child knows. The second reason is, the child will become dependent on getting the answers from mom or dad, which will slow down the learning process. In the long run, it is better to let the teacher lead the class.

In my English classes, I will know how to modify the instruction to get my student responding again. I encourage the parens to stay calm and relaxed and not to worry about how their child is responding.

Sometimes, kids just need to move around and have a hard time staying in front of the camera. That's ok! Let's face it, even adults have a hard time sitting in front of a screen sometimes. We can build up the amount of time sitting in front of the screen and we can take breaks for "dance parties" as needed! I find a great way to get the child attending is to bring out a toy or something the child likes. We can use toys for pretend play, like making stuffed animals talk. We can pretend to throw a ball back and forth. We can play tic tac toe on the screen. If the child doesn't sit in front of the screen in my classes, don't worry Parents! That just means, I need to make my class more exciting for my student! I need to find what he or she likes!

The final suggestion is to remain positive in class. Your child will respond better if you and I remain positive and encouraging. If you feel stressed and too worried sitting in class. It's ok to go to a different room, if possible. I will know how to continue the class and we can discuss behavior strategies for your child after class.

So, my suggestions for parents are:

  1. Sit nearby during class to help your child feel comfortable or to stay on task

  2. All the teacher to give instruction and don't give the answers to your child

  3. Allow your child to move and play, if needed (especially for younger learners)

  4. Remain positive and encouraging

With these tips, your child will have a more successful class and everyone will be happier in the long run!

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